A Wearables Startup 

"Technology must never replace the doctor.  It must set as its goal the desire to empower the doctor to practice medicine better, freeing him and her to focus on the human touch."

– Dr. Tzipi Glick, MD, VP Fashion Design - Healables

Wearables Make Digital Health Fashionable 

According to Markets and Markets, the global market for medical wearable devices is projected to reach $12.1 billion by 2021, with the United Stat­es representing the largest market worldwide. 


As our clothes become smarter and plugged into IoT, startups still need to keep in mind ergonomics, style and fashion.


When we look good in our wearables, in our Healables, we'll actually be more motivated to get healthy.

Track and Treat.  Wear and Heal.


Sports Medicine and Professional Athletes will Get Back in the Game Quicker with Healables, a wearables startup that tracks and treats.  Healables: Wearables that Heal.

Wearables Bring

the App to Apparel

Smart Fitness Clothing that Heals

(way beyond just tracking)

is the Future of Digital Health

Chronic Pain patients and professional athletes have a lot in common.  Both will benefit from Healables.


When time is of the essence, products that relieve pain without taking you out of your routine are key.   For athletes, they will be able to get back in the game quicker.  


People with chronic pain will be able to discreetly wear their pain relief all day long.  They may be homebound or in the office.  Either way, they won't need to go to a clinic or pop a pill.


Our wearable solutions bring the therapy straight to the patient, saving them time and making compliance with challenging daily regiments pain-free.​​

Healables is a wearables and digital health / biotech startup that does more than just tracking - we're desining our wearables to relieve pain and accelerate healing.

"Wearables 2.0 is Real Clothing, Real Fabric;
Fabric that Heals--The Fabric of Life."

– Moshe Lebowitz, CEO & Co-Founder - Healables

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