Moshe Lebowitz

CEO, Co-Founder

UI/UX, Marketing

Rabbi Lebowitz is a visionary and researcher, who integrates cutting edge technological concepts with intuitive & psychological understanding of mindfulness and the human response.  He has served as Product Manager, CEO and UI/UX Designer and is trained in craniosacral therapy and Chinese medicine.

Tamir Goodman

VP Sports & Athletics

Pro-Athlete & Coach

Tamir Goodman played pro basketball seven years and reached the Israeli Pro Basketball Championship in 2003 & 2008.  He played for Maccabi Tel Aviv, Maccabi Givat Shmuel and Maccabi Haifa,  and has been dubbed “The Jewish Jordan” by the media.

Since retiring from pro ball in 2009, Tamir established his reputation as a motivational speaker, coach, & educator. He is the inventor of The Zone190 Basketball Training Aid  — Zone190.com.

Dr. Yehuda Cern, PhD

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Medical Electronics

Dr. Cern has decades of experience in medical electronics and will be designing our electronic medical devices. Dr. Cern earned his PhD in Medical Electronics from the Weizmann Institute in 1970 and has over half a century of service in senior positions in Academia, Industry and the Military.

Shaya Danny Moskowitz

Executive Product Manager

Data Analytics & Product

Shaya Danny Moskowitz is a talented product manager specializing in data analytics & product/market fit.  He served as a hands-on marketing analytics and communications consultant for major pharmaceutical companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb and GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Tzipi Glick, MD, MBA

VP Medical Apparel,

e-Textiles & Fashion

Dr. Glick graduated from Brown University and Medical College of Pennsylvania. After training at NYU, she served as a tenured senior surgical pathologist at Shaare Zedek Medical Center while concurrently studying fashion design and business at Bar Ilan, with recent training in Neurostimulation & Electroresonance Therapy. 

Dr. George Lowell, MD Col US (ret.)

CSO - Chief Scientific Officer

Biotech Entrepreneur

Dr. George H. Lowell serves on the Board of Directors of BiondVax. He was Chief Scientific Officer for BioDefense at GSK Biologicals.  He retired from the US Army as a Colonel where he initiated numerous clinical studies and clinical trials for FDA Approval.  His academic posts include Visiting Scientist at Weizmann and Visiting Professor, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center. 

Ariel Kahan, MSC


Digital Health Software

Ariel Kahan is passionate about improving the current state of pain management. Hailing from the famous 8200 Unit in the IDF, Ariel has been involved in early-stage startups like push-technology BackWeb, and NomadIQ, a location-based services provider to OmniSky, Earthlink & Motorola.  With software expertise ranging from project planning & management to hands-on mobile & cloud development. 

Dr. Andrew David Shiller, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shiller earned his MD at Duke University’s School of Medicine, continuing at Harvard Medical School, with double residency training in Internal Medicine & Physical Medicine & Rehab.  He completed fellowship training in Integrative Medicine at University of Maryland Center for Complementary Medicine Research. He studied & practiced natural healing and stress-reduction, along with nutrition, hands-on healing, movement therapy & mind/body awareness.

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