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Moshe Lebowitz

CEO, Co-Founder

UI/UX, Marketing

Moshe Lebowitz is a visionary who believes that humanity is on a positive trajectory and that we all have a responsibility to solve today's biggest health challenges. He has previously served as UI/UX Designer, Product Manager and CEO.  Lebowitz uses his rabbinic training to solve business problems differently and innovates through the creative integration of technology together with new inventions.  Lebowitz practices Hasidic meditation and is trained in craniosacral therapy and Chinese medicine.

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Dr. Tzipi Glick, MD, MBA

Medical Apparel

e-Textiles & Fashion

Dr. Glick graduated from Brown University and Medical College of Pennsylvania. After training at NYU, she served as a tenured senior surgical pathologist at Shaare Zedek Medical Center while concurrently studying fashion design and business at Bar Ilan, with recent training in Neurostimulation & Electroresonance Therapy. 

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Ziv Ritchie, BSEE

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Ziv Ritchie received his formal training in Electrical  Engineering at the Jerusalem College of Technology.  He studied Reality Therapy at the William Glasser Institute and has helped his father, Professor Joshua Ritchie, MD found and manage the Refuah Institute.  The Refuah Institute is the leading provider of Torah-based coach training in the world.  Refuah’s Torah life coaching approach enables people to achieve success and fulfillment in their work and life through a synergy of proven scientific methods and Torah wisdom that promotes and enhances the lifelong learning process.  Ziv's personal interest has been in developing therapies based on traditional Jewish texts that aim to help people move from pain to purpose by changing our understanding, perception and experience of ourselves, providing meaning and thereby alleviating much of the suffering too often found in modern life. At Healables, Ziv combines his technological knowledge and development skills with his psychological training to mastermind the Healables digital health coaching app and oversee the development and production of Healables electroceutical devices and textiles.  Ziv is also a semi-professional archer and boasts one of the coolest hi-tech longbows in the world today.

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Marco Van Der Putten Landau 


Marco Van Der Putten Landau is an international business development and marketing professional with the rare talent, ability and business acumen to add value and close deals by bringing people and businesses from all over the world together.  


Marco has lived in Europe, South America, China and Israel and is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and Chinese.  

Marco's ability to understand and bridge cultural nuances empowers him to bring out the universal truths in the people that he works with and create business synergies and partnerships throughout the globe.

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Yehuda Barbasch


Operations, Technology Management & Finance 

Yehuda Barbasch has a background in international investment banking and has worked at Citibank and Pictet Wealth Management.  His exceptional people skills, British accent and experience with all aspects of finance adds up to keen business planning and operational success.  Yehuda holds a BBA in International Business from Leeds Beckett University and Aix-Marseille Univerity and speaks English properly as well as French and Hebrew.  


Dr. Andrew David Shiller, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shiller earned his MD at Duke University’s School of Medicine, continuing at Harvard Medical School, with double residency training in Internal Medicine & Physical Medicine & Rehab.  He completed fellowship training in Integrative Medicine at University of Maryland Center for Complementary Medicine Research. He studied & practiced natural healing and stress-reduction, along with nutrition, hands-on healing, movement therapy & mind/body awareness.

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Dr. George Lowell, MD Col US (ret.)

CSO - Chief Scientific Officer

Biotech Entrepreneur

Dr. George H. Lowell serves on the Board of Directors of BiondVax. He was Chief Scientific Officer for BioDefense at GSK Biologicals.  He retired from the US Army as a Colonel where he initiated numerous clinical studies and clinical trials for FDA Approval.  His academic posts include Visiting Scientist at Weizmann and Visiting Professor, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center.  Dr. Lowell is an early angel investor in Healables and serves on the BoD.