A new product offering

for the athlete of the future.

The ElectroGear brand, powered by Healables is quarterbacked by our drug-free wearable that speeds up the body's own healing process.  With ElectroGear, Athletes heal faster & get back in the game faster.

The synergy of electron stream therapy and personalized health coaching help the athlete prevent serious injury, accelerate healing and achieve optimal performance.  Using innovative AI and digital health techniques, Healables makes clinically effective cognitive training & electrotherapy accessible for every athlete.


Unlike TENS units that use nerve jamming to block out pain, ElectroGear accelerates your body's own healing process. It's genuine healing on the cellular level.  The device (via the app) accelerates healing for bones, ligaments, nerves, muscles & tendons.

Recovery and treatments used to mean time out from your schedule.  But the ElectroGear device fits under your clothing, wherever you are.  Since it's a wearable, players and athletes can take treatment on the go, programmed for any time of day/night. Players can finally get the treatment they need, without office scheduling, travel time, or the resulting stress of appointments.



The device docks with our smart performance clothing — a knitted weave of supple conductive yarns.  Shaped, tapered and contoured to fit the body, our smart performance undergarments fit comfortably under your outer clothing.

Full therapeutic contact without sticky electrodes — the conductive yarns provide 100% contact with the skin for the duration of the treatment.  Wear it under your clothing or gear, and take your treatments on the go.

Daily treatment of minor pain or of a micro injury is the key to career longevity. Treating minor injuries keeps the player physically balanced, and avoids the need to overcompensate by shifting his weight, adjusting his technique, or making unpracticed moves which increase the chance of major injury.

We provide app-based training for mental acuity and sharpness. Our modules let you work at your own pace as you push the envelope of presence, balance and confidence.  Each modality helps your physical recovery — and the skills you learn while on the sidelines can certainly help you improve when you're in the game.

It's app controlled and sessions can be programmed for any time of day/night. No office scheduling, travel time, or appointments.  The ElectroGear app interface gives full control over every parameter. So, progress can be monitored by your doctor or trainer, and settings can be remotely adjusted to maximize the treatment. The system lets you conference with them as well, so you never have to take treatment alone.


When each player on the team or clinic wears the device at home or in the gym, the trainer can remotely adjust the treatment of any player in real-time. He can schedule remote treatments in advance, day or night, and can monitor every player's progress.


The backend has a dashboard interface, so the trainer can monitor the session if needed, and track the progress of every player in real-time.  This allows trainers, physical therapists and practitioners to increase the number of players under their care and enables them to provide personalized attention to every player on the team. 


We are currently accepting applications from individuals and teams to our beta testing program.

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