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The treatment for pain is based on one decision only: Should we block the pain — Or can we treat the source of the pain?

Healables Ltd. makes a wearable therapeutic device that treats the source of the pain by accelerating the healing of cells and tissues.

With a proprietary combination of AI-driven electronics and electrically enhanced textiles, our device works in consort with the body​'s own processes.

In sharp contrast to common nerve-jamming devices (TENS), Healables promotes true healing, so pain relief is genuine and actual.

Wearables from Healables LTD. speeds healing and stops pain.

Sports injuries can end careers.
Chronic pain can ruin lives.

Chronic pain and chronic illness are often managed with pharmaceuticals — but drugs have side effects.  Even responsible people can become addicted to pain medication during the course of treatment.

Drug-free solutions for chronic pain are in demand by society, patients, athletes, as well as by the military and the FDA.

Healables offers a drug-free electroceutical solution to pain: true healing through the acceleration of the body's own healing process.  Healables offers a genuine solution, with a variety of benefits which promise to increase patient compliance:

Styled for Performance: As a wearable, it resembles sports & performance gear. This reduces the fear/stigma of "taking treatment", increasing the likelihood patients will continue therapy.

Convenient: Since it's a wearable, treatment sessions can be in sync with the patient's schedule, programmed for any time of day/night. Patients can finally get the treatment they need — without office scheduling, travel time, or the resulting stress of appointments.

Comfortable: Unlike pain-jamming TENS units that use sticky skin patches to attach electrodes, the Healables therapeutic device reliably maintains 100% contact with the skin, using a supple, stretchable knit fabric made of conductive yarns.  Custom produced for Healables, the wearable device is shaped, tapered and contoured to fit the body — ensuring perfect contact for the duration of the treatment.


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