"Transparent Separation" Innovator David Siegel Published in Harvard Business Review

David Siegel, who serves as a Digital Marketing and Startup Advisor for Healables had a fantastic article published in the Harvard Business Review this week.

As a former CEO, one of the hardest and most difficult tasks for me was firing people, especially friends, especially in a startup environment when you have poured your heart and soul working long hours and overnights to get things done for long periods of time. David invented a way to turn firing into a win-win situation--at least most of the time.

This article "A More Humane Approach to Firing People," is a must read for any CEO, Manager, Employer, Employee - which is kind of another way of saying for anyone.

Startups need to innovate in a lot of ways. We can't overlook new management techniques as a key component of creating positive disruption in the market.

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