Disruptive Medical Innovation will Come from Outside the Medical Establishment

Just like other customer driven sectors - Health is now seeing innovation generated by patients

Incremental change is evolutionary because it exists within the same conceptual framework. Revolutionary change comes from challenging the very basis of our accepted mantras.

As a young child I heard from Doctors that pain is the enemy and no human should ever experience pain. In the United States pain medicine is referred to as pain killers. When something is the enemy then you want to kill it.

But is pain the enemy?

In Hebrew pain killers are called pain softeners.

Is pain always the enemy?

Maybe pain is more of a required feedback mechanism. More like the warning light on a dashboard that your car is low on gas. If the warning light is the problem then killing the light is the solution. When the establishment thinks like this it's understandable how we created the opioid crisis.

This is why it will be the patients that will lead innovation in Digital Health, mHealth Medical Devices & Wearable Health. Consumer/patient driven thought focusing on user experience will be revolutionary because patients can challenge the medical mantras at the core.

Imagine if we were to listen to the pain instead of trying to fight it. After all, a better way of dealing with the dashboard warning light is simply filling up on gas.

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