The electroceutical that accelerates healing and reduces inflammation

The Healables.io wearable solution combines localized electrotherapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal issues, along with app-based, AI-powered cognitive tools that train the patient to be present, focused and confident, especially during a pain event.  The synergy of AI-driven electron stream therapy and personalized health coaching delivers the benefits of a modern pain clinic in a remote, wearable, scalable package.

Treatment parameters can be set through the app, and patient progress is remotely monitored, so providers can adjust or redefine the parameters in real-time.  


Our wearable technology provides targeted treatment to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing on the cellular level.  The wearable is configured and controlled through an AI powered app that also directs the patient through a progression of cognitive techniques to increase focus & confidence and reduce stress reactivity.

As a result of the accelerated healing, typically there is a marked reduction of pain, and a reduced need for pharmaceutical pain relief.

       • Decreases inflammation without medication
        • Reduces pain without NSAIDS or opioids
        • Improves systemic function with app-based lifestyle coaching



Healables.io offers a broad set of tools with an excellent safety profile, designed to accelerate healing & reduce inflammation, with resulting pain reduction and improved patient outcomes.


Our technology weds proprietary wearable electrotherapy with artificial-intelligence powered lifestyle coaching. The interventions are both configured & monitored through a smartphone app, which facilitates remote monitoring of patient progress as well as remote updating of treatment parameters.

The digital health coach is built on evidence-based protocols shown effective in pain relief, cognitive restructuring and emotional self-regulation. These are personalized for the patient in real time as the AI learns from patient response and biometric data.


Healables.io platform technology is an end-to-end solution, providing a new toolset for doctors and health practitioners to remotely treat a wide variety of chronic and inflammatory conditions.


Medical professionals can now remotely build personalized electrotherapy treatment programs that are downloaded to the patient app for self-administration. With secure wireless technology, the app controls the wearable device to give the patient the exact treatment prescribed.  Patient compliance is verified and enhanced with a robust practitioner portal, so multiple patients can be easily prescribed and monitored using the practitioner portal.

Additionally, medical professionals can provide “hands-on” treatment remotely during a telehealth session, to engage with the patient and adjust treatment parameters in real-time while observing patient response and biometric data.


Growing research demonstrates the importance of the mental and emotional component in chronic pain and chronic illness.  Chronic stress, catastrophizing, anxiety, and aversive mind-states increase reported pain, increase inflammatory changes, worsen post-surgical outcomes, and contribute to autoimmune illnesses.

Our platform technology is designed to accelerate healing on the cellular level, improve function of tissues, joints, ligaments, and nerves, with simultaneous cognitive coaching to address the entire chain of events that affect patient outcomes.


The Healables.io device offers safe & effective non-medication options for reduction of inflammation and pain associated with injury, arthritis, neuropathy, back pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, costrochondritis, and other difficult-to-treat conditions.

Our wearable device provides localized treatment for pain & inflammation. It’s controlled with a phone app that also offers cognitive training tools, to help you increase confidence in your ability to heal. The research shows that since the brain directly controls every part of the body, positive attitudes create physical changes in the body which improves the body’s ability to heal itself.

The wearable device provides AI-modulated electrotherapy that stimulates body tissues in the affected area, so the cells function at a higher level. The cell’s own healing process is amplified & enhanced, and in the perfect case, the need for risky medication is reduced to zero.

You're on the road to a faster and more natural healing experience.   And because it's a wearable,  there's no need for sticky gels or wires. You can wear it while you’re walking, sitting, or working around the house.


Healables.io is currently in the process of initiating two clinical trials: A clinical trial on osteoarthritis at the Wolfson Medical center in Holon and a multi-site clinical trial on diabetic neuropathy with the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.  To learn more about our clinical trials, enrollment or to discuss new clinical collaboration please contact Dr. Andrew David Shiller — adshiller@healables.io


The Healables.io multi-factorial digital health platform is a holistic digital therapeutic that improves the management of chronic pain and chronic illness.  Our innovative electroceutical technology reduces pain and inflammation, locally and systemically.  Our AI-driven Health Coach is a suite of mind-body interventions for pain reduction and enhanced self-care that improve adherence to pain programs and lifestyle interventions.  The AI is not meant to replace the provider but to extend his or her reach and address the gap in care with a continuum of treatments between live remote sessions.  Benefits to payors include:

       • Better outcomes at lower cost

        • Significant savings (for example prevention of expensive procedures)      

       • Multiple conditions including arthritis, diabetes, knee, back and neck 

        • Scalable, convenient, wearable, home-based solution

        • Meaningful Quality Data - Physiologic, Functional, and User-Generated Data 

The e-textile delivery mechanism provides meaningful data collection. Region-specific treatment (knee, back, neck, etc.) is comfortable for prolonged treatment.  The smartphone patient interface provides user-generated data, treatment initiation and communication with providers.  The backend provider portal enables monitoring, remote treatment customization and communication with patients.  


For MedTech investment inquiries and to contact Moshe Lebowitz - mlebowitz@healables.io