For your consideration:  A completely unique wearable device that meets the demands of athletes, trainers and physicians.  Healables offers a drug-free wearable device that accelerates the body's own healing process.  Athletes can get back in the game faster.


The Healables device is made from a supple, comfortable fabric that is shaped, tapered and contoured to fit the body.  Athletes can take treatments on the go, in sync with busy schedules, programmed for any time of day/night.


Athletes get the treatment they need — without office scheduling, extra travel, or the time and bother of appointments.  

The companion app monitors device data for review by the physician or therapist.  While the athlete is on the road, the athlete's own practitioner can remotely adjust the settings live to personalize the treatment.  Even in the most extreme cases, no one has to take treatment alone.​


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