Drug-Free Pain Relief Startup

"Our greatest immediate challenge is a public health crisis
of staggering human and economic proportion,
the problem of opioid abuse."

--Dr. Scott Gottlieb, MD - FDA Commissioner (Paraphrased)

The FDA Wants to Help

Drug-Free Pain-Relief

Startups Get to Market

"Our greatest immediate challenge is the problem of opioid abuse. This is a public health crisis of staggering human and economic proportion...We need to make sure we're taking steps to foster innovation and regulating areas of promising new technology in ways that don't raise the cost of development or reduce innovation." from Dr. Scott Gottlieb's first speech as FDA Commissioner where he addressed the Opioid Crisis.


On July 25, 2018 the FDA delivered a webinar seeking new innovative medical devices that can be used to prevent opioid misuse.  The FDA mentioned that they are specifically looking for medical devices including devices from startups that can provide Drug-Free Pain Relief.

Drug-Free Pain-Relief

As consumers realize that it's actually easier and cheaper to use drug-free pain relief, medical professionals will be running to offer them alternative drug-free pain management solutions.

Drug-Free Pain Relief:​

Safer & Healthier

Startups are Ready for Humanity 2.0

Startups know that pain clinics are familiar with both the advantages and disadvantages of opioids and NSAIDS.  When faced with patients that need a solution these clinics have looked beyond pharma and found that startups offer hope.


One advantage of managing pain with a drug-free pain-relief device-first approach that a startup can provide is that patients are provided with an option to avoid opioids altogether.  The easiest way to prevent opioid addiction, opioid dependence and opioid misuse is by not prescribing opioids in the first-place.


Humans were designed to work.  There is a lot of truth to the "use it or lose it" saying.  But patients need guidance for the right type of exercise and also motivation and coaching for follow through compliance.


Likewise, nutrition and relaxation such as meditation can play a big role in pain relief.  Americans are sometimes both obese at the same time as being malnourished - because they eat too much of the wrong food and not enough of what they need.


The Jerusalem based startup Healables Drug-Free Pain-Relief solutions are designed to help boost the body's own natural pain management and healing properties by supporting the patient on the cellular, somatic and cognitive levels.



"Like an Ancient Mosiac, The Artistic Colors & Patterns
in Pharmaceutical Pills are Best Appreciated at a Distance."

– Moshe Lebowitz, CEO & Co-Founder - Healables