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"Cell mediated immunity is biotech delivered by a smartphone."

Digital Health

-- Dr. Andrew David Shiller, MD, Chief Medical Officer - Healables

There's a "Zapp" for That

The Digital Health sector is the confluence of healthcare and technology with mHealth - mobile health apps leading the way.


While our device will use electricity to energize the body, our app will use advanced patent-pending AI artificial intelligence and deep learning to motivate the mind.


And in a twist of ironic serendipity, it may be that the human brain is the biggest winner from the integration of neural networks into digital health.  


But it's never just about the technology - it's how people use the technology.  Usability and user interface are key to adoption.  We believe the power of Voice-First UI and chat powered by our next-generation medical AI will deliver a significant impact on positive medical outcomes.

Digital Health is more than just collecting and analyzing information.  With advanced UI/UX Digital Health will help people interact in a healthier way.  Digital Health will give birth to a new kind of socialized medicine.

Ohm Meditation

When the Pain Hertz

Clinical Pain Relief is More than Just Being

in a Calm Headspace

MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction has been studied clinically for decades and has recently been used as the core of a new breed of mobile health apps.


As the FDA moves in the direction of Real World Data and Real World Evidence, the ability to champion evidence-based clinical research on MBSR and other successful cognitive and meditative disciplines has shifted into high-gear.


We now have the tools to help motivate, guide and coach us to gently improve the health of our thoughts, feelings and actions.


The depth of traditional Hasidic wisdom when integrated into an app has tremendous value to offer the modern mind.  Dr. Kabat-Zinn repackaged what he learned from his Buddhist teachers such as Thích Nhất Hạnh and Seungsahn and was able to validate the value of meditation scientifically.  As Haredi Hasidim and Tech Gurus we hope with Gods help to deploy a combination of MBSR and Hasidic guidance to the world that will inspire, heal, connect and relieve the inner pain as well as the outer pain. 

"Electroresonance is the harmony
of digital health & mindful Hasidus."

– Rafael Zeitlin, Mindfulness Instructor - Healables