Corona Crisis: Healables Response
The right technology
at the right time

The Healables electroceutical device accelerates the healing of cells & tissues, and reduces both common and chronic inflammations.  In response to the corona pandemic we have shifted our research & development to prioritize lung support. 

Electrotherapy is proven effective at reducing inflammation.  Specifically, the Healables device can help asthmatics and people with chronic bronchitis breathe more easily by reducing inflammation in the lungs.  

In the case of coronavirus, reducing inflammation would bring relief to thousands of patients. These are patients who need treatment, but due to the sheer number of patients involved, it is feared that many will simply not receive proper medical attention or treatment.

Across the world, there are excellent doctors, supported with excellent technology at excellent hospitals. But the huge number of patients undergoing care, combined with the new cases emerging every day is stressing the system beyond its capabilities.

As a treatment solution, the Healables device can effectively shift high-risk and moderate-risk patients to lower risk categories. As is known, patients with lung problems face the highest risk. The Healables remote-monitor function, that previously had been designed so doctors can monitor their pain patients, is easily upgraded to allow remote supervision as the device is used to ease the suffering of inflammation.

We are seeking grants and investment to fast-track our lung support development.