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Healables Ltd. makes a wearable treatment device that accelerates the healing of cells and tissues.

Whether periodic or chronic pain, Healables offers a genuine solution which targets the source of the problem.


Dr. Tzipi Glick, MD practiced medicine at Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital for 22 years. She's also a fashion designer with her own line of high-end fashionable & modest (tzanua) women's clothing.
At Healables she merges her passions for health and fashion with her newfound knowledge and appreciation of electrotherapy, neurostimulation and electroresonance.
Dr. Glick ensures that our customers want to use our products not only because they provide drug-free pain relief but also because they look great wearing them!

We're All About

Drug-Free Pain Relief

The Time Has Come for Hasidic Hi-Tech

Healables, Ltd. is a Haredi-Hasidic Biotech & Digital Health company based in Jerusalem with a solution to America's opioid crisis.


The reality of Drug-Free Pain-Relief is a hard pill for Pharma to swallow.  Then again, so is the opioid crisis that they helped create.


We are innovators who provide real solutions to the problem of unresolved pain.  Pain-killers are the lowest form of pain relief.  We are leveraging cutting-edge medical science and technology to offer better solutions that work, without the risks of medications. 


Biotechnology today offers a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and role of pain in the human body.  The stage is set for major disruption in the Health Industry.  It's not only because of the maturation of advances in biotechnology, genetics, electronics, wearables, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc...  It's not only because of a changing and ageing population and the emergence and prominence of chronic pain and illness.  Disruption will happen because on a social level, our understanding, attitude and expectation of health and medicine is undergoing a transformation.


Startups bring multidisciplinary expertise coupled with an agile mindset that uniquely positions them at the forefront of the changes taking place in the health industry.


Jerusalem is the Biotech Capital of the Startup Nation and provides essential access to the world-class industry experts in all of the converging fields required for the next generation of biotech and digital health.

"Neurostimulation is not just brain-science;
it does the body good."

– Melech Wosk, Co-Founder, CFO & President - Healables

The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?  When they're opioids, neither one is a good choice, especially for more than 3 to 5 days.  
Taking opioids for more time may increase the risks associated with years of addiction, painful withdrawal, more pain, loss of income, years of zombie brain-fog and even death.
With over 60,000 people in the US dying yearly of opioid-related problems, Americans are desperately seeking alternatives to opioids and NSAIDSs.
Healables designs drug-free pain relief products and apps with the goal of preventing opioid addiction.

Our Mission:

To Prevent Opioid Addiction

Through the synergy created by biotechnology, wearables, digital health and mindfulnes

The path to opioid addiction is very easy.  A person gets hurt, undergoes an operation or is in chronic pain.  The doctor wants to help and suggests opioids for a few days.  But then the pain is still there and the patient has a month worth of pills.  


By the time the initial injury or pain begins to heal, the patient now faces a new pain - the pain of withdrawal.  


Neurostimulation combined with a digital, mHealth App and presented as a sleek, fashionable, wearable will eliminate the current obstacles preventing major traction from non-drug solutions.  It's very easy to pop a pill.  Current trends show that in the coming years there will be a renaissance of pain-relief devices based on neurostimulation.


When pain management protocol calls for devices as the first choice then doctors and insurance companies will encourage patients to start with a device.  We believe this will make a significant contribution to preventing opioid addiction.  The most reliable way to avoid opioid addiction is to manage pain without opioids.


“Jerusalem is one of only a handful of cities worldwide that sports 4000 years of advanced technology.”

– Moshe Lebowitz, CEO & Co-Founder - Healables

When Tolerance is No Good

The Opioid Crisis in the United States is now seeing over 60,000 people dead each year.  That's more deaths in one year than the entire Vietnam War.


That number doesn't include people on Opioids who are alive but have diminished quality of life.  Brain Fog, Zombie Head and lack of functionality and productivity.  And there is also the issue of NSAIDS.


And now it may be personal.  We all know someone who is in chronic pain and suffering terribly from the pain and/or pain-killer dependence.





The Problem:

Hooked on Opioids

Don't Blame the Doctors
While many patients get addicted to opioids by accident - they're not the only ones who were duped. 
The LA Times investigates the Opioid Crisis uncovering the tragic origins of what may be the greatest healthcare tragedy in the history of humankind.
The video above explains the mechanism through which innocent patients can become addicted to painkillers.

Shaya Danny Moskowitz, Executive Product/Market Fit Manager, Healables 

"Data Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP:
it's not about the numbers--it's about the people."
Pictured above: Healables CTO Dr. Yehuda Cern in his medical electronics lab.  
When our product manager severely injured his knee playing softball, he became the first to test a new class of electroresonance devices under development.  Dr. Cern was absolutely astonished how well our prototype worked.

Wearable Medical Electronics 

As we're still in stealth mode - what we can say is we have a working prototype and some very exciting technology and we're on schedule to enter the market in Q3 2019.


We can't say more than that at this time - at least not publicly.  If you would like to learn more about our development plans we'll be happy to set up a time to speak or meet.  Just send us an email.

Our Product & Platform Technology


"The oxygen that breathes life into a biotech startup is measured in dollars but its success is measured in heartbeats."

- Itamar Highkin, Executive Project/Finance Manager - Healables 

Through the synergy created by biotechnology, wearables, digital health and more

The reality of Drug-Free Pain-Relief is a hard pill for Pharma to Swallow.  Then again, so is the opioid crisis 

Melech Wosk, CEO of Healables, explains the competitive advantage of the Healables approach to pain-relief, the unique selling points and differentiation from the competition.
Healables products are patent-pending with a distinct and innovative approach to pain-relief and digital health.

The Pain Relief Market

100 Million Americans Deserve Better

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.  


Why don't we have a solution?  Why are so many people from the most advanced civilization in the history of the world suffering every day? 


How much more productive as individuals and as a society could we be if we were able to be healthier and not imprisoned by our pain?


That's why a full-spectrum pain solution needs to address the emotional pain as well as the physical pain and of course withdrawal when present too.   


Today the pain-relief market is valued at $43B, but it's projected to balloon to over $80B by 2024.  

"Digital Health Brings the Lab to the People,
Processing Real World Data in Real Time."

- Dr. George Lowell, MD, COL USA (Ret.). Chief Scientific Officer - Healables 

Through the synergy created by biotechnology, wearables, digital health and more

The reality of Drug-Free Pain-Relief is a hard pill for Pharma to Swallow.  Then again, so is the opioid crisis 

Dr. Ami Appelbaum (L), Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy & Industry, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority advises  Healables CEO Moshe Lebowitz (R).

Our Founders

& Their Story

We Know Too Much,

We've Lost the Right to Remain Silent

Twelve years ago, Moshe Lebowitz was the CEO of a high-tech company when he suffered a serious illness that changed the course of his life.  When he didn't like the choices the MDs gave him, he began to research subjects that were taboo for decades-- - alternative medicine.  A skeptic at heart, Moshe is a believer only in God, not alternative medicine.  However, his personal journey led him to a quest to understand health better and challenge medical mantras with big data and unbiased clinical studies.  The experience of going through the medical system as a patient with the eyes of a UI/UX designer and product manager has been invaluable in the launching of Healables.


Melech Wosk watched his father go through knee replacement surgery.  Recovery took longer and was more painful than anticipated and Melech was convinced that there must be a better way.  Melech's father was an avid gym-goer and was only in his 60s.  Still, he looked half-dead when he came out of surgery.  The physical therapy afterwards was hard and left him with less mobility.  Physical therapy helped increase range of motion but was a real challenge.   


At times, he was too in pain to come to Skype.  He couldn't sleep well.  Anything that would reduce some of the pain even somewhat would have helped.  There really was nothing to do except launch a startup focused on pain-relief.


Melech and Moshe met in the Toras Chochom Beis Hamidrash and had been studying the esoteric works of Hasidic thought.  Realizing they had a solution to a problem that could help millions of people and their skills worked well together - Melech with Business and Sales and Moshe with Technology and Health - they co-founded Healables.

"Frequency, Resonance, Vibration.
The Future Wave of Health is Here and We're Riding it."

- Dr. Andrew David Shiller, MD, Chief Medical Officer Healables

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