Healables.io is a digital health startup with an

AI-driven behavioral health coach and

wearable digital therapeutic electroceutical device

that docks with smart textiles

for the home-based and remote treatment of

sports injuries, chronic illness & chronic pain.

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HEALABLES DIGITAL HEALTH optimizes the hardware and software of the human being, with a single platform technology that treats the mind and the body.

A synergy of validated technologies with a patient-centric focus, our app coaches the mind to enjoy healthier thoughts, adopt a positive lifestyle and engage in productive behavior. Our device energizes the body's cells to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Together, our AI-driven personalized health coaching and wearable electron stream therapy form a gestalt to deliver, for the first time, a complete holistic solution for chronic illness and chronic pain in a personalized, yet scalable package.

Healables.io empowers the patient and athlete alike.  Our treatment is usable — and entirely accessible — because it's wearable. Our e-textiles are smart garments that make it possible for the user to take treatments on-the-go, at home, on any schedule, day or night.

Finally, a wearable that heals.

Moshe Lebowitz

CEO, Co-Founder

UI/UX, Marketing

Moshe Genuth, BSEE

Digital Health & Electronics

Dr. George Lowell

Chief Scientific Officer

Biotech Entrepreneur

Ariel Kahan, MSC

VP Research & D​evelopment
Digital Health Software

Yehuda Barbasch


Operations, Tech & Finance

Dr. Tzipi Glick, MD, MBA

Medical Apparel
e-Textiles & Fashion

Tamir Goodman

Sports Advisor

Pro-Athlete & Coach

Dr. Andrew Shiller, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Rehabilitation & Pain



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